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"Taking Care of your skin - pays off for a lifetime."

A holistic approach to age management. Restore and reveal younger, firmer and luminous skin with a professional facial treatment. Let’s address your skin concerns from dull dehydrated condition to fine lines, congestion, hormonal changes causing breakouts and pigmentation.

Enjoy our results-driven facial experiences.

Before we start your facial, your skin is holistically analysed by a fully trained therapist to determine which treatment will address your skin concerns the most. We provide a great variety of skin care services in Geelong, offering quality facials as well as expert advice. Together, we can develop a home treatment plan that will suit your lifestyle.

The HIIT Age Management Facial

Enjoy the best of both worlds, brightening,tightening and plumping the skin while enjoying deep
relaxation. Start with a microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate the top layers of the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, then comes a gentle peel to address your specific concern, a
dermal infusion of actives to help regenerate fresh healthy skin cells followed by LED phototherapy. While the LED promotes collagen production and improves skin texture, enjoy a blissful ayurvedic scalp massage encompassing the neck and shoulders. Our clients’ favouritethey rave about it!

The HIIT Age Management Facial Experience (Allow 75 minutes)

The Age Defying Oxymicroderm Facial

A must-have treatment combining both Diamond Microdermabrasion techniques and infusion of pure oxygen combined with Vitamins A, C, E. It works because the dermal layer of the skin needs Oxygen to promote healthy cell metabolism, and improve collagen and elastin production. With the new exposed cells being saturated with Oxygen, the result is totally smooth, plump, hydrated and glowing skin. The cooling effect of Pure Oxygen instantly soothes the warm feeling due to increased blood flow. This is great workout for your Skin! You will love the amazing feeling and the fantastic result!

The Age Defying Oxymicroderm Facial (Allow 70 mins)

The Microdermabrasion Facial

Our Microdermabrasion facial combines the results of fresh glowing skin with the benefits of Massage & Relaxation. First of all, the texture will be instantly smoother. Your open pores will look more refined as they are now clean and the blackheads removed. Overall, your skin will look amazing with a renewed glow. It will feel clean and velvety. A selection of cosmeceutical serums is applied to your skin after the procedure followed by a silky hydrating mask. Craving for some TLC, our divine scalp massage will leave you floating on cloud nine..

The Microdermabrasion Facial (Allow 60 mins)

Microdermabrasion Express (Allow 30 mins)

The Youth Elixir Pure Oxygen Rejuvenation Facial

Breathe new life into your skin with the combination of a Pure Medical Grade Oxygen infusion and a cocktail of essential antioxidants and key vitamins A ,C , E. Your skin will be regenerated, boosting the health of every skin cell and strengthening collagen and elastin fibres.

Great for fine lines, loss of firmness this treatment offers deep cellular hydration leaving the skin noticeably plumper with smoother lines. Beauty editors describe the treatment as ‘heaven’!

The Youth Elixir Pure Oxygen Rejuvenation (Allow 65 mins)

The Skin Fitness Facial

This customised facial will leave your skin full of vitality .Includes double cleanse, Lotion, exfoliation, revitalising enzymatic mask, Serum, application, moisturise followed by a silky hydrating mask. It will ensure to renew micro circulation, stimulate and refresh your skin leaving it smooth & hydrated. An instant ‘pick up’ for tired skin. Includes an ayurvedic scalp massage.

The Skin Fitness Facial (Allow 60 mins)

The Express Skin Boost Facial

This facial treatment is designed for those with a busy schedule and need a quick fix. Includes double cleanse, lotion, exfoliate, moisturise followed by a skin hydrating mask. An instant express boost to your skin!

The Express Skin Boost Facial (Allow 30 mins)

Anti-Ageing Eye or Lip Contour Treatment ( Add on to your facial)

An intensive eye or lip treatment for the delicate eye or lip tissue. This add-on treatment begins with a mild exfoliation followed by the dermal infusion of our stimulating eyelift /lip plumper gel deeper into the skin. Our skilled therapist then applies a pressure-point massage and facial collagen mask to instantly revive the eye area. Great for combating wrinkles and crow’s feet as it plumps up the skin.

Hands and Feet Indulgence (Add on to your facial or Body Treatment)

Floral Foot Bath & Foot Massage

As your feet soak in an aromatic foot soak made from a blend of organic mineral salts, dried
flowers & essential oils to instantly soothe your tired feet. Then comes a divine foot exfoliation with raw cane sugar crystals combined with honey, virgin coconut oil and coconut milk from our organic Pure Fiji range followed by a therapeutic foot massage leaving your feet nourished, light and tension free.

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Your hands endure so much. Start with a skin-brightening exfoliation with coconut milk, honey, virgin coconut oil and raw sugar crystals from our Pure Fiji range followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage before dipping into a bath of warm paraffin to reverse the damage caused by ageing. This treatment is ideal to rejuvenate your hands, get rid of dry conditions and soothe inflamed joints.


Facial Skin Health Menu
  • The HIIT Age Management Facial  $219 ( Allow 75 mins)
  • The Microdermabrasion Facial  $139 ( Allow 60 mins) Add on for some pure indulgence and because you deserve it: - Our Glow Galore Hyaluronic Acid Mask @ $20 or  The ultimate therapeutic Shoulders and neck massage @ $30 or  Floral Foot Bath Therapy including a divine foot scrub and therapeutic foot massage @ $45
  • Microdermabrasion Express  $89 (Allow 30 mins)
  • Youth Elixir Pure Oxygen Rejuvenation  $189 ( Allow 70 mins)
  • The Skin Fitness Facial  $139 (Allow 60 mins)
  • The Express Skin Boost Facial  $89 (Allow 30 mins)
  • Add on for some pure indulgence and because you deserve it: - Our Glow Galore Hyaluronic Acid Mask for $20   or  Anti-ageing Eye or Lip Contour @  $45
    LED Phototherapy for collagen boosting & that extra luminous factor @ $40
    Heaven Floral Foot Bath Therapy including a divine foot scrub & therapeutic foot Massage @ $45
    Rejuvenating Hand Treatment with nourishing oils & paraffin @ $40