Massage & Spa Body Therapy

It’s time to slow down and refill your cup of goodness. Too often, you allow the pressures of life to take over and high levels of stress can put your entire wellbeing at risk. You reach that point where your strained shoulders, your stiff neck and other ailments are wreaking havoc to your emotional and physical equilibrium. Making time for a well deserved massage or for some spa body therapy should be part of your skin health & wellness routine.

Our warm aromatherapy massage oil blend combined with therapeutic massage techniques in a luxurious grounding decor is the answer…Choose from a luscious range of treatments to smooth, contour, detoxify and revitalise the body, providing a fusion of skin health, beauty and wellness.

At Flawless Beauty Concept, we are committed to providing the highest standards of professional treatments where you can unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Our massage treatment can be customised to suit your individual needs & focus on the areas you most need attention.

Don’t just take our words for it, that’s what other clients have to say:

” Love the PAMPERING & beauty treatments!! Flawless Beauty Concept just seems to know exactly what my skin needs and tailor the treatments accordingly. It has been and continues to be a rejuvenating, relaxing haven/escape for me, especially after a long busy week at work…”

Massage Therapy

Breathe. Let us take you on a sensory journey through our specialty massage therapy. It’s time to release any tension, promote healing and restore energy. Choose between Swedish, Relaxation, Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue combination massage techniques to smooth away any tension and melt away any stress. A heat pack may also be applied to soothe and ease specific areas of tension, just let our massage therapist know.

All our massage treatments include an ayurvedic scalp massage, hot towel therapy and a serve of organic herbal tea.


Our Massage Menu
  • Full Body Massage (Allow 60mins)  Relaxation $118 / Deep Tissue $128
  • Back Massage (Allow 30 mins)  Relaxation $75
  • Back & Shoulders Massage  (Allow 45 mins) Relaxation  $98

Spa Body Therapy

Pure Fiji Sugar Glow … Smooth Me Over

It’s time to indulge in a divine Pure Fiji Body Glow! Surrender to the magic of organic coconut milk, honey, raw sugar crystals and virgin coconut oil. This stimulating treatment includes an all over body exfoliation followed by the grand finale of ultra  nourishing body butter to revitalise and nourish your skin. Immerse yourself in a tropical journey for your senses and come out with silky smooth and glowing hydrated skin which will last for days.

Pure Fiji Sugar Glow Menu
  • Pure Fiji Sugar Glow (Allow 50 mins)  $105
  • Sugar Glow & 30 mins massage therapy (Allow 80 mins)  $170

Pure Fiji Body Heaven… Smooth & Cocoon Me

It’s time to embark on a sensory tropical journey! It all starts with an all over body scrub using a combination of Pure Fiji coconut milk, cane sugar crystals, virgin coconut oil and honey. Once the skin is deeply exfoliated, let yourself be cocooned in an aromatic body wrap with a geranium infused organic coconut oil while enjoying an ayurvedic scalp massage which will melt away any resisting tension and induce pure relaxation. Enjoy the feeling of silky smooth skin that will last for days.

Pure Fiji Body Heaven Menu
  • Pure Fiji Body Heaven (Allow 100 mins)  $210
  • Pure Fiji Body Heaven & Skin Boost Facial (Allow 125 mins)  $275

Minerals Rich Mud and Algae Body Wrap

It’s time to get this deep comfortable feeling of being cocooned! We start with dry body brushing, then a rich application of minerals infused mud clay is applied to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin with essential minerals. A blissful ayurvedic scalp massage while being wrapped completes this profoundly relaxing treatment.

Aroma Hot Oil Body Wrap

It’s time to get this deep comfortable feeling of being cocooned! We start with a dry body brushing, then a lemon infused organic virgin coconut oil is applied to detoxify the body and uplift the spirit. A blissful ayurvedic scalp massage while being wrapped completes this profoundly relaxing treatment.

Our Body Wrap Menu
  • Hot Oil/ Mud Body Wrap (Allow 60 mins)  $120
  • Hot Oil/ Mud Body Wrap & Massage Therapy (Allow 90 mins)  $199
  • Hot Oil/ Mud Body Wrap & Skin Boost Facial (Allow 85 mins)  $189

All our spa body treatments include hot towel therapy followed by refreshment.