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Discover a holistic approach to your skin health, beauty and wellness here in Geelong. Providing clinical skin care treatments & sensory body therapy in a soul nurturing setting, our mission is to deliver therapy that goes beyond your skin. We use our expertise to create personalised solutions for maximum results.

Paraphrasing a client’s testimonial: “After a decade of living in Geelong, I have finally found a serene beauty sanctuary where I am pampered by a wonderfully caring and professional expert”.

This sums up beautifully our point of difference – our care factor and our high professional standards without compromising on quality.

Simply put, we understand you. We understand that your beauty appointment is your non negotiable, it’s your time to slow down and escape the busyness of life.

 We understand that going through life changing hormonal changes, you want to feel more confident in your skin. We understand that seeing the early signs of ageing, you want to ensure that you keep feeling and looking your best in a holistic way.

We understand that you care for your loved ones and want to give them the gift of skin health, beauty and wellness.

It all starts with one single step-make a booking and experience the difference.

Escape the busyness of life

Did you know that your skin produces 1% less collagen every year from the age
of 20? Plus add the effects of hormonal changes! Refresh, renew and revive your face...
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Beauty should be beyond skin-deep. Remember that you are unique, so
embrace your individual beauty with our expert services from waxing to facials...
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Your wellness matters. It is time to slow down and reconnect. Experience the
healing power of physical touch through therapeutic massages and spa body treatments.
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Give the gift of skin health and wellness

Show how much you truly care! So many women put themselves last though they are the ones who need the most pampering. They put everyone’s else needs before their own. Be the one who helps your loved ones refill their cup of goodness with the gift of skin health facial, massage, spa body treatment and wellness. Though they feel guilty to spoil themselves, we both know they actually love it once they receive a gift voucher and book in for their well deserved treatment.